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Grandparent Visitation Rights in Kansas

A close relationship between a grandparent and grandchild benefits both the child and the grandparents. Kansas law recognizes that fact. If family issues interfere with grandparent visitation, the grandparents may ask the court to grant visitation ri…
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What Is the Difference Between Personal Injury and Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation and personal injury claims have something in common: Both provide payment for injuries. In other ways, they are very different types of claims. Especially for workers injured on the job, it is important to know the difference bet…
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Do Laws on Distracted Driving and Texting Prevent Accidents? (Cautions From Our Salina, Kansas Personal Injury Attorneys)

As personal injury attorneys, we witness the personal and family tragedies caused by distracted drivers. We know that injuries and deaths resulting from distracted-driving accidents are preventable. Laws on distracted driving and texting help, but th…
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