Agricultural Lawyers, Salina, Kansas

The agricultural industry has its own legal challenges. When contracts or lawsuits arise, you need a firm that knows what it means to be a modern farmer. Whether you run a small subsistence farm or a large commercial operation, the agricultural lawyers at Hampton & Royce, PC, can help you clear your legal hurdles.

Running Your Agricultural Business

Operating a modern farm isn't just about harvest cycles or livestock. Running a successful agricultural business takes as much skill and knowledge as any other small business. At Hampton & Royce, L.C., in Salina, Kansas, our agricultural lawyers can help you manage the business side of your farm. We can help you decide whether to move your farm toward a corporate structure, and facilitate the transition. Our agricultural attorneys can help you draft and negotiate labor contracts, equipment leases, and limited agricultural partnerships to minimize your risk of legal challenges and maximize your farm's efficiency. When contract disputes do arise, our litigation team will be there, ready to stand beside you and protect your farm.

Negotiating Agricultural Real Estate Issues

There is nothing more important to a successful farm than land. Our agriculture lawyers understand how the law affects agricultural land use, whether you are growing row crops or herding cattle. Our agricultural attorneys travel all across central and northeastern Kansas helping farmers negotiate next real estate sales and land use contracts. They can help you understand the legal and business effects of land use offers including wind energy leases or mineral rights. We handle everything from local zoning issues to the federal Clean Water Act and other government regulations. Anytime you have a question about how the law affects your farm land, our agricultural law team will be there to help.

Maintaining Government Subsidy Programs

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers farmers billions of dollars every year. Agricultural subsidies are available for many common Kansas crops. But you have to know how to get them. Complicated processes and short application deadlines can cause some small farm businesses to miss out. Our Hampton & Royce agricultural lawyers understand how to make the most of the various government subsidy programs. We can help you make sure a bad crop or natural disaster doesn't put you out of business.

Planning for Your Farm's Future

At Hampton & Royce, our agricultural attorneys aren't just looking at your farm's immediate needs. We want to help you plan for the future. Whether your exit strategy includes preparing the farm for sale or leaving it to the next generation of your family, it is best to have things in place before you need them. Our agricultural lawyers will sit down with you, your business partners, and your family to create a realistic succession plan. Then we will put together the estate planning paperwork and contracts necessary to make sure everything works the way it should when the time comes.

Get Agricultural Law Help from Hampton & Royce

At Hampton & Royce, we know what it takes to run a modern farm and see it grow. Located in Salina, KS, we want to help your family farm or corporate agricultural business make the most of every acre. Contact Hampton & Royce to get connected with an agricultural lawyer to help you reach your goals.