Salina, Kansas Business Attorneys

If you run a business in Kansas, you know that legal issues are just part of the package. Whether it is a simple contract, a complicated contract lawsuit, or deciding upon a business formation, there will come a time when your company needs legal advice. At Hampton & Royce, L.C., in Salina, Kansas, our business lawyers are here to help.

Experienced Corporate Planning Advice

If you are a corporate executive or a small business owner, your business attorney should be your best friend, professionally speaking. At Hampton & Royce, we pride ourselves in providing experienced corporate planning advice that helps you anticipate your company's legal needs, rather than simply reacting when a crisis occurs. We will meet with you, your partners, executives, or board and help you create a strategy designed to meet your short-term company needs and reach your long-term business goals.

Skillful Contract Negotiation and Drafting

The heart of all business law is the contract. A well-written operating agreement or service contract provides assurances to everyone involved about what will be done when, where, how, and by whom. Our business attorneys are skilled at negotiating and drafting solid contracts that protect your business interests and help you avoid costly litigation. This includes a unique focus on issues like agricultural contracts and energy law issues that are common in the more rural areas of Kansas. We draft every agreement with our business clients' priorities in mind. That way you know each document fits into your broader strategic plan.

Aggressive Litigation Representation

While it is our goal to help our business law partners avoid the courtroom, sometimes litigation is the best option. Whether you are enforcing contracts or defending against lawsuits, our business lawyers are there for you. Our business attorneys travel across the State of Kansas representing our clients in corporate litigation matters. We also have lawyers on staff who are licensed in Colorado and Iowa, as well as federal court, should your business needs require it. Our corporate law team puts your needs first. We will advise you when to settle, and when an aggressive litigation strategy is the best for you and your business.

Comprehensive Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Part of good business sense is knowing when to change your corporate structure. If you have been approached with a buy-out offer, or are looking to acquire another business yourself, you need to know you are making the right decision. Merging with another company or giving up your corporate interest is not a decision to be made lightly. Our business attorneys provide comprehensive services for mergers and acquisitions. We will help you gather the information you need to make the right decision, whether you are looking to buy or sell. We will review all the factors of the proposed corporate structure with you ahead of time, so there will be no surprises after the paperwork is signed.

Thoughtful Corporate Succession Planning

No one wants to work forever. Even the most successful business owners generally want to be able to retire eventually. But you shouldn't wait until retirement is at hand to figure out what will happen to the company once you are gone. Business owners need to know their companies are in good hands, even if they are suddenly unable to work. At Hampton & Royce, we are proud to have served some of our corporate clients for generations. We know how to prepare for the inevitable, and the unexpected. Our business attorneys can help you with corporate succession planning so that you are prepared when a partner or owner needs to leave. For family businesses, we also offer estate planning options to help your children smoothly transition into leadership once you are gone.

Get Business Law Help from the Business Lawyers at Hampton & Royce

No two businesses are exactly the same. You need a corporate legal team that understands the law and will take the time to customize its services to your needs. Located in Salina, Kansas, our experienced attorneys are ready to do just that. Whether you're looking for long-term planning or need to respond to an immediate legal need, contact Hampton & Royce to reach a lawyer who has the knowledge and skill to meet your business goals.