Employment Lawyers, Salina, Kansas

An important part of any business is making sure you have the right employees, and that their needs and concerns are taken care of. At Hampton & Royce, L.C., in Salina, Kansas, we help employees, small businesses, and large corporations address employment law concerns to keep everyone working and improve businesses' bottom line.

Representing Employees and Employers in Kansas State and Federal Court

At Hampton & Royce, our employment attorneys have feet in both worlds. We represent both employees and employers. Whether you are a part-time job applicant or the CEO of a large corporation, we are ready to help you put your employment law matters to rest. This gives us an edge in suggesting resolutions that will be appealing, and will work for both workers and business owners.

Employment law issues often cross state lines. Workers' rights are affected by state and federal law. Often, an employee will have claims in both courts. The key is to know how to make the laws work together to protect our clients' interests. At Hampton & Royce, our attorneys travel all across Kansas representing our clients in state and federal courts. We also appear before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Kansas Human Rights Commission, two agencies tasked with resolving workplace discrimination disputes. We even have lawyers licensed to practice in Colorado and Iowa, in case your work takes you out of state.

Helping Employees Protect Themselves from Workplace Discrimination

The heart of employment law is in federal and state anti-discrimination laws. When workers find themselves singled out because of their race or ethnicity, religion, sex or gender, age, or disability, they need skilled employment lawyers to come to their defense against the company. Federal and state laws prohibit workplace discrimination and harassment, but regulators can't be in every break room. If you have been the target of illegal employment discrimination, it is up to you to stand up for your rights. And the employment lawyers at Hampton & Royce are here to help. We also handle workers compensation cases. We will assist you in planning a strategy, filing an EEOC complaint, and litigating the matter in state or federal court.

Protecting Employers' Business Interests

When Hampton & Royce employment lawyers represent a business, we have employment law on our mind from day one. We know that the time will come when an employee needs to leave. It's our job to prepare you with advice, policy guidance, employment contracts, and employee handbooks. These tools will give you the direction you need to run a tight business, without worrying what will happen when you have to let someone go.

We will also be there when complaints arise. Our firm has been open for over 125 years, and we are proud to have represented several of our companies through generations of leadership. We won't stop when the policy is adopted. We'll be there to advise you when workplace allegations are made, so that you can respond with confidence and avoid litigation altogether.

Defending Employers Against Discrimination Claims

When an employee raises a workplace discrimination claim, it can cause problems for a business's bottom line, and its reputation. Our experienced employment lawyers know how to negotiate with the EEOC and with disgruntled employees to protect your business against public outcry. We can help you build a defense to the discrimination allegations and aren't afraid to take the matter to court to defend against financial damages or harm to your company name.

Get Employment Law Help from Hampton & Royce

Our experienced employment attorneys are here to help you. Whether you are an employee looking for a way out of a hostile work environment, or a business owner trying to plan ahead for the next wave of hiring, contact Hampton & Royce to reach a lawyer who has the knowledge and skill to meet your goals.