Estate Planning Lawyers in Salina, KS

Your family is one of the most important things in your life. You want to make sure they are provided for if something happens to you. And you want to make it as easy as possible for them to make tough decisions when you're no longer able. At Hampton & Royce, L.C., in Salina, Kansas, our estate planning attorneys know how to help you plan now so you are ready for the future.

Wills & Trust Lawyers Help Prepare Your Assets

Estate planning today involves far more than just writing out your final wishes in a will. You need to take the time to prepare your assets so they will transition smoothly to your heirs after you are gone. At Hampton & Royce, our estate planning attorneys will explain the estate administration process to you. We will help you make decisions about your assets now so that there are no surprises for your family after you are gone. Whether you need a simple will, or want to establish a trust, our legal staff will aid you in putting your affairs in order.

Estate Planning Attorneys Aid in Planning Your Own End of Life Care

There's more to think about in estate planning than what happens after you pass away. A thorough estate plan includes documents that help you plan for your own end of life care. A financial power of attorney, paired with a living will and the necessary medical releases will ensure that everything is taken care of even if you no longer have the ability to make decisions yourself. Our Hampton & Royce estate planning attorneys will review all of your options with you. We will help you select individuals who will make the right decisions for you. And we'll give you the tools to make sure doctors, hospitals, and financial institutions honor your wishes.

Probate Lawyers Protect Your Loved Ones

If your loved one has fallen ill or can no longer manage his or her own affairs, you need a probate lawyer to help establish your right to provide aid. When there is no estate plan, the Kansas probate court has the authority to select and monitor guardians to make medical decisions, conservators for financial matters, and executors after a person passes away. These responsibilities often fall to the next of kin. At Hampton & Royce, our probate lawyers can represent you before the state probate courts, guiding judges to select the person best able to make these important choices for your loved ones.

A Law Firm Dedicated to Your Legacy

When you are selecting an estate planning attorney, you don't just want someone to put together the documents. You want a law firm you can trust to be there when the time finally comes to put them to work. Our firm is the oldest continuously operating law firm in Kansas, with a 125 year legacy of representing our clients' interests, sometimes for generations. Whether you are making plans for the family farm, or creating a succession plan for your business, we want to be there to provide you services now, and in generations to come.

Get Estate Planning Help from Hampton & Royce

At Hampton & Royce, we want to be there for you and your family to prepare for when hard times come. Our lawyers will provide compassionate representation that keeps your best interests in mind. Contact Hampton & Royce to get connected with an estate planning attorney to help you reach your goals.