Family Law Firm in Salina, KS

Family law is the single most emotional area of the practice of law. When you are faced with a divorce or custody issue, you need a family law firm that will help you address the personal aspects without losing sight of everything else happening in your life. Whether you just need help filing an uncontested divorce or are in a battle over the family farm, Hampton & Royce, L.C., in Salina, Kansas can help.

Divorce Settlements: A Family Law Firm With Your Interests in Mind

When it comes to property, Kansas law provides for a more-or-less even split between the parties. But sometimes issues of fault or emotional responses can interfere with the resolution. Other times, an easy short-term solution could set you up for financial challenges later on. Our Hampton & Royce family law attorneys will keep your interests in mind throughout the divorce process. We travel throughout central and north central Kansas, representing families and individuals in front of family law judges. We know how the law works, and what to expect. We will help you look at your short- and long-term needs and priorities. Whether the case resolves with a settlement, or the judge divides your marital assets at trial, our family law firm will be there to make sure it is a property distribution you can live with.

Child Custody

Kansas family law puts a child's best interest at the front of all custody disputes. Unless you and your child's other parent are able to agree on everything related to with whom, when, and where your child will spend his or her parenting time, you are going to need a family law firm to provide support. Kansas family law judges will honor parents' agreements about their children. But when there is a conflict, a skilled and knowledgeable Family law attorney to help you sort out the details.

At Hampton & Royce, our family lawyers know how to present a custody case. We will help you gather all the relevant information, and provide it to the judge in a way that keeps your child's best interest at the front of the conversation. We will also help you keep a level head and an open mind as the court considers your child's preference and other factors in deciding on joint custody and parenting time.

Parentage & Child Support Lawyers

While many family law cases involve married couples, sometimes families take different forms. When a parent has a child with someone without being married to that person, Kansas family law allows for a Determination of Parentage lawsuit. This action can be used to establish a father's or a second parent's legal rights and obligations to a child. It also allows a single parent to collect child support from a second parent who may or may not be involved in the child's upbringing. Our Hampton & Royce family lawyers don't assume that every family fits the same mold. We can help you legally determine parentage and child support laws to meet your needs, and bring the matter to court to protect you, and your children.

Business and Farm Interests in Family Law Cases

Hampton & Royce lawyers are there for all of our clients' needs. When a business owner or farmer finds his or her livelihood challenged by a divorce, we will put our extensive knowledge and experience to work to protect those interests. We have represented some of our agricultural clients for generations. We know how important the family farm or agricultural business can be. We will fight for you and your family's interest, so that you can keep the family business private and operational.

Proactive Family Law Services

You don't have to wait for something bad to happen to take advantage of Kansas family law. At Hampton & Royce, our family law attorneys know how to couple proactive family law with estate planning and business succession documents to make sure your family is covered in case of a divorce. We can help you use prenuptial agreements and other family planning documents to plan ahead in case the worst happens.

Get Help from Hampton & Royce, Family Law Attorneys in Salina

Our experienced family law attorneys are here to help you. Whether you're filing for a divorce, defending custody of your children, or planning for their future, contact Hampton & Royce to reach a lawyer who has the knowledge and skill to meet your goals.