Salina, Kansas Energy Law Attorneys

Land use in Kansas is an important right. Increasingly, the growing energy industry is reaching out to farmers and landowners, seeking to use residents' land for its own benefit. If you have been approached by a wind, oil, gas, or mineral company, you need our Hampton & Royce, L.C., energy law attorneys to stand beside you and make sure your interests are protected.

Lease Agreements and Wind Energy Law

Energy companies are always looking for ways to expand. In recent years, wind energy has taken the foreground. New wind farms require the use of land traditionally used for agriculture. In many cases, wind energy companies will approach the owners of small rural farms with an offer seemingly too good to refuse. But the long-term effects of leasing your land to an energy company may not always be clear.

At Hampton & Royce, L.C., our energy law attorneys travel across central and northwestern Kansas, helping rural landowners make sense of the energy companies' complicated lease agreements. We will help explain what the contracts mean for you and your land, to make sure you don't end up with the short end of the deal.

Oil & Gas Rights Licenses

Wind companies aren't the only ones turning their attention to Kansas. Oil companies and natural gas companies are hoping to tap into the energy reserves stored beneath your soil. If you are looking for ways to make better use of your property, granting a license to an energy company to build an oil rig or natural gas drill may seem like a good option. But before you sign anything, be sure you understand your rights and the risks.

Our energy lawyers have helped many Kansas property owners negotiate with the energy companies to protect their land. We understand the risks that come with an energy license. We know how an oil rig or other energy installation can interfere with your agricultural business. We can help you figure out what to expect, and ensure you get a fair deal.

Mining and Mineral Rights

Land ownership in Kansas isn't just about acreage or soil. As a property owner, you also have a say in what goes on underground. But energy and mining companies don't always respect the boundary lines drawn on the surface. If you learn that a company has been mining your property without your knowledge, you need an experienced energy law attorney to help you fight back against the large corporate interests.

At Hampton & Royce, we know how important your property is to you. We will help you defend your mining and mineral rights against corporate overreach. We can negotiate on your behalf to make sure you receive the compensation you are due. Or, if a company crosses the line, we will be there to take the issue to court. Our energy lawyers are licensed to practice in state and federal courts across Kansas. We also have lawyers licensed in Colorado and Iowa. We are willing to travel to defend you against energy companies and their attorneys.

Get Energy Law Help from Hampton & Royce

Don't get taken advantage of by large corporations trying to bully you into doing things their way on your property. At Hampton & Royce, we understand energy law and want to help you protect your land, and your rights. Contact Hampton & Royce to get connected with an energy lawyer to help you reach your goals.

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