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If you have been injured on the job, Kansas law says you can receive workers compensation for your injuries. But the process to get your medical expenses and wages paid for can be hard to manage on your own. At Hampton & Royce, L.C., in Salina, Kansas, we can help you do what it takes to receive the benefits you need.

Helping You Protect Your Claim Right After Your Injury

When a serious personal injury occurs at work, there can be a lot to think about: receiving medical treatment, planning for household needs, providing for your family, and getting transportation help. All that can be expensive. But Kansas Workers Compensation laws provide a way out. If you are injured at work, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • hospital stays, medical treatment, and surgery
  • nursing care
  • medicine
  • medical supplies and equipment
  • ambulance services
  • transportation costs

If you are temporarily or permanently disabled you may also be entitled to benefits based on the work you were not able to do because of your injury or illness. If you are completely unable to work for at least two weeks, you may be entitled to two thirds of your average weekly wages up to a limit. If you are still able to work, but in a reduced capacity (such as fewer hours, limited duties, or restricted schedules), you can receive two thirds of the difference between your prior wages and what you are able to make now.

All those benefits depend on you doing everything right from day one. Kansas requires most injured employees to notify their employers within 20 days of receiving medical treatment for a work-related injury or illness in most cases. Its then up to your employer to file paperwork with the state.

Negotiating for Treatment Options and Compensation

Not all doctors and hospitals provide the same care options. Depending on the nature of your illness or injury, you may need a specialist or second opinion for your care. Kansas workers compensation laws allow your employer to name your initial medical provider. While the law compensates you for trips to and from the employer-specified doctor, employees who live and work in rural Kansas may find traveling to those medical professionals difficult.

Your employer may have the first say on where you go for treatment of your workplace injury, but it doesn't have the last word. At Hampton & Royce, our workers compensation attorneys know how to petition the Director of the Workers' Compensation Board to change medical providers and get you the treatment you need. We will help you identify professionals who have the expertise to handle your injury and will advocate on your behalf before the board to make sure those experts' medical billing is covered.

Appealing a Workers Compensation Denial

Sometimes a workers compensation claim doesn't go as you expect. Your employer's workers compensation insurance provider may issue a workers compensation denial saying that your injuries did not happen on the job, or that you have gotten all the benefit you can from a medical provider. When that happens, you can find yourself cut off from continued benefits. Our Hampton & Royce workers compensation lawyers will travel across central and northwestern Kansas to defend your rights. We will dig into your medical situation and investigate the basis for any denial. We will file an appeal with the Kansas Department of Labor on your behalf and fight for your right to receive the medical care you need.

Get Workers Compensation Help from Hampton & Royce

At Hampton & Royce, we want to be there for you when you are hurt on the job. Our lawyers will provide compassionate representation and help you stand up to employers and insurance companies that try to cut your benefits short. Contact Hampton & Royce to get connected with a workers compensation attorney to help you reach your goals.