The Importance of an Agriculture Attorney

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Whether you own a large commercial farm or a small subsistence farm, your Kansas farming business operates in a complex network of federal and state legal mandates. Those laws encompass specialized rules relating to agriculture, as well as general legal issues that affect all businesses. Our Kansas agriculture attorneys at Hampton & Royce are uniquely well-positioned to help our farming clients successfully navigate all the legal concerns of running an agricultural business in the state. We assist with immediate legal issues of any nature, while being attentive to the long-term goals, growth, and success of your agribusiness operations.

The Many Facets of Agricultural Law

Regardless of what type of agricultural business you operate, running a Kansas farm requires specialized knowledge of issues affecting both day-to-day operations and long-term management. You know well how much hard work it takes to produce, market, and distribute your products. As agricultural law attorneys, we help you accomplish that mission in compliance with legal requirements and also ensures that you secure all the benefits provided by the federal and state agricultural legal structure.

Our attorneys travel throughout central and northeast Kansas to assist farming clients with their legal concerns in all substantive areas of law. In addition to addressing agriculture-specific laws and regulations, we provide guidance on business law matters relating to management of your operations. Those concerns cover vital matters like the structure of your business and representation in litigation, as well as day-to-day responsibilities like contract and employment law matters.

For many agricultural clients, real estate is at the core of their business. Whether you need assistance with an agricultural lease, land use contract, or purchase, our attorneys help with negotiation and completion of all types of real estate transactions. We also assist with energy law matters like wind energy, oil and gas rights, and mineral rights involving real estate.

Addressing immediate operational concerns sometimes diverts your attention from important legal issues that can affect the future of your business. Our agriculture attorneys make certain that you don’t lose sight of broader legal concerns. For example, we ensure that farm clients fully benefit from government subsidy programs and other available assistance on an on-going basis, which is especially critical because benefits for farmers change frequently. We also help with succession planning for your business and ensure that your estate plan and other paperwork fully takes your goals for the future of your business into account, whether your intention is to keep your farm in the family or you have other plans for the future.

Our Approach to Agricultural Law

Agricultural law is one of the most complex and comprehensive substantive areas of the law. In part, that is because agriculture is one of the most highly-regulated types of business in our country. It also is due to the fact that general legal principles take on special implications when applied to agricultural operations.

Staying in full compliance with all the rules that apply to farming can be overwhelming, especially for a small agricultural business. The rules change frequently, so compliance requires staying abreast of developments constantly. When you count on our Hampton & Royce agriculture attorneys, we address that aspect of your operations so you can focus on your most immediate needs and concerns. We are attentive to both regulatory issues that affect your business as well as subsidy programs that can benefit you.

When you started your agriculture business, you chose a business structure, which governs the management, operations, administration, and taxation of your business. While you probably do not think about the structure of your business on an on-going basis, the growth and success of a business often has implications for the underlying infrastructure of the business. Changing the structure of a business can sometimes have significant financial benefits. Our attorneys pay close attention to developments in a client’s farming business that signal the need for an assessment of the underlying structure of the business.

When you count on the agricultural law attorneys at Hampton & Royce, our first goal is to get to know you and your business. We develop an understanding of your operations from bottom to top and help you identify important short- and long-term goals. When an immediate concern arises in your business, we spring to action to address it efficiently and expeditiously, while keeping in mind the overarching goals for your operations.

As your business develops over time, we monitor legal changes that may affect your operations, help you understand the full implications of any changes, and work with you to develop and implement a plan to make adjustments as necessary and appropriate. Our agricultural law attorneys always have your back, no matter what issues or concerns arise in your agricultural business.

Talk With Our Salina, Kansas Agriculture Attorneys

Our agricultural law attorneys at Hampton & Royce understand all the different legal aspects of your farming business. We know what it takes to run a modern farm and make it grow and prosper. We get to know you and your business operations, so we can help you formulate and reach your goals and work closely with you to address legal concerns that arise in the full range of substantive areas affecting management of your agribusiness. We invite you to contact us to talk about your immediate and longer-term legal needs.

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